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Map of mean aboveground carbon density (ACD; Units of metric tons of carbon per hectare) at a resolution of one hectare for 16.5 million hectares of the Colombian Amazon.   This ACD map represents all woody vegetation with diameter at breast height (DBH) greater than or equal to 10 cm.  A map data value of -9999 indicates missing data.  The map is based on the former "stratification" approach, as documented in the source research paper by Asner et al. (2012; below).

The data are provided as a GeoTIFF format (, and the data and the reference PDF(s) are compressed as a single, self-extracting 7Zip ( file.  When prompted, the password is "caodata" (without quotes).

Use, reporting, presentation or publication of results based on this map requires the following citation:

Asner, GP, J Clark, J Mascaro, GA Galindo García, KD Chadwick, DA Navarrete Encinales, G Paez-Acosta, E Cabrera Montenegro, T Kennedy-Bowdoin, Á Duque, et al. 2012. High-resolution mapping of forest carbon stocks in the Colombian Amazon. Biogeosciences 9:2683-2696.


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